The Center for

SHareD Humanity

The center for shared humanity

The Center for Shared Humanity is a cooperative located in Athens, Greece that offers educational and vocational classes to refugees.

The location of the center is safe and accessible for refugees who visit and attend classes.


The center is typically home to our current projects, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions created by the Greece's government, these programs have been put on hold. We are currently working with partners on the ground in Greece to safely restart these programs as restrictions lift.

To help us fund the reopening of our center,

please consider making a donation!


Language Classes

Language is a critical piece of cultural immersion. Greek and English language courses were offered in our community center four days a week. 

Music Lessons

Music Lessons were offered twice a week in our community center. The teacher, Mr. Ayyar, is an accomplished musician, and a refugee from Afghanistan.

vocational classes

Vocational classes in electrical wiring, carpentry, and plumbing were offered to provide refugees with the skills needed to acquire well-paying jobs.


The Women's Space

The Center for Shared Humanity contains a Women's Space.

This was a safe space for women to learn, socialize, and unwind. We offered sewing, knitting, and hygiene classes designed to specifically support women.


Educational Classes


Computer Literacy

Computer literacy courses were offered twice weekly in our community center with computers that were generously donated to Shared Humanity by a corporate sponsor.