The Center for

SHareD Humanity

The Community Center

Our Community Center is located in Athens.

The location of the center is safe and accessible for refugees who visit and attend classes.  The center is home to our current projects. 

The Women's Space

Our Community Center now offers a Women's Space.

This is a safe space for women to learn, socialize, and unwind.

Music Lessons

Music Lessons are offered twice a week in our community center. The teacher, Mr. Ayyar, is an accomplished musician, and a refugee from Afghanistan.

Language Classes

Language is a critical piece of cultural immersion. The Greek and English language courses taught in our community center are offered by volunteer teachers four days a week. 

Computer Literacy

Computer literacy courses are now offered twice weekly in our community center with computers that were generously donated to Shared Humanity.

Shared humanity, INC-501(c)3
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