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Shared Humanity USA has two opportunities for Partnership:

opportunity one:

Help respond to the urgent humanitarian needs of people forcibly displaced by war, persecution and violence. .

Shared Humanity USA will always have a portion of its donor funds reserved to provide immediate emergency relief. Since 2016, the founders of Shared Humanity have provided food, medicine, clothing, shelter and transportation to hundreds of people seeking safety. It is because of the wonderful generosity of donors and sponsors that we have been able to extend emergency relief to people struggling to continue on their journey to safety. We have also organized emergency volunteer teams that included medical personnel, skilled construction workers, and language interpreters.  


opportunity two:

Help build the best in class partnerships to support refugee communities with the skills and training they need to re-establish lives. .

We are excited to be partnering with members of refugee communities to create The Center for Shared Humanity. The Center is a refugee cooperative and vocational training center in Athens, Greece. Our goal is to equip refugees with vocational skills that will improve their chances of finding employment in Greece and other European countries. Established in November 2018, the Center for Shared Humanity currently offers classes in Greek, English, and Computers. We are seeking partnerships that can help us provide one year of operating expenses for our partners.  Each month of operation costs us $3,000 for rent, equipment, utilities and certified teachers.


If you are interested in partnering with us  

please email us at

On behalf of the refugee communities in which we serve, we thank you!



Contact us and we would love to meet you in and around the NY Metro Area.



You can contact us and exchange information outside of our website.

We will have your information on hand to provide you with an update. 


THank You to our sponsors

We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors who continue to support us and allow us to make meaningful change for  refugee families and their children in Greece.