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As people wait in crowded camps and apartments in Greece, they begin to lose all hope that they will ever find peace and security. Worldwide, 65 million people are on the move having been forcibly displaced from their homes. This is the beginning of an unprecedented global catastrophe that will continue for many decades. Virtually every established organization is overwhelmed by the huge number of refugees and tragically all these organizations are grossly underfunded. 

We Focus on Filling the Service Gaps left by Large Organizations​


Shared Humanity USA, focuses on filling the service gaps that are left by these large organizations. We provide urgent humanitarian and sustained humanitarian aid to people suffering from war, violence, oppression and economic deprivation.  


We are seeking volunteers 

  • Shared Humanity USA is seeking volunteers who can spend at least two weeks on-site (starting in August 2019) working with our partner communities. We are looking for big-hearted people who love to teach and have skills in teaching English, Greek, computer software, sewing, and fashion design.  **Volunteers will be expected to pay for their transportation, meals, and inexpensive housing (which we will recommend). We urge you to engage your faith community, your family, your friends your colleagues in your mission to support refugees.  You, your family, your friends, and your community will all benefit by serving humanity.  Guaranteed!


  • We will guide you through a self-assessment process to help you decide whether you are ready and able to volunteer and will enjoy your experience with our Shared Humanity community. Once you decide to be a volunteer, we will assign a member of our team to guide you in your final preparations for your on-site visit with us.


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