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Afghanistan Crisis

Why and how we are supporting people in afghanistan

 The precipitous, chaotic withdrawal of US military and civilian personnel on August 15, 2021 and the catastrophic collapse of the Afghan government shocked all of us who have worked for, and believe in, a viable future for Afghanistan. Families are becoming displaced after having their homes destroyed, and they are now forced to live on the streets or in mosques. The situation is truly devastating and our hearts are breaking for everyone who has faced tragedy during this time.


Despite this tragic set-back, we at Shared Humanity USA remain steadfast in our support of the Afghan people in their unrelenting quest for shelter, safety, education, and a better future for their children. We're taking action to help those who are suffering in Afghanistan and working with our contacts on the ground in Kandahar.


At Shared Humanity USA, our nimble and action-oriented approach as well as ability to reach those most in need has proven vital this past year.  For those who have donated to these efforts, you support has been life affirming! Please join us as we make tangible impact on the ground and positive difference in the lives of refugees during this unprecedented time. 

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