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Education for afghan Children

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Despite many news reports to the contrary, we have found that the Afghan people are desperate to educate their children.  Currently, public education is not available since the country is impoverished, teachers have not been paid for 4 months and public schools are now closed.  Private schools are available for those able to pay tuition. 

Shared Humanity has launched and currently operates two primary schools with free tuition. 

The Sarah Bibi Primary School in Kandahar opened in January 2022 and already has almost 175 girls and boys who are benefitting from an education that was not previously available to them. The school provides a secure place to learn, have a meal and develop community in a time when so many are torn apart. Our curriculum fits the requirements needed to prepare our students for Afghanistan’s Secondary schools and has received approval by Kandahar’s Director of Education.  

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Latifa’s Primary School in Luia Walla opened in December 2021. When asked what else the village  needed, the village elders replied, “We need a school.  Our families cannot afford to send their children to private schools in Kandahar City.” There has never been a school in the village and parents cannot afford to send their children to schools in Kandahar. Two exceptional teachers provide education to 65 girls. All our children are given a breakfast snack so that the only hunger they have is for knowledge. Shared Humanity USA also supports the parents with monthly food. 

Shared Humanity USA needs your support in raising critical funds to keep hope alive for all these students and families who benefit from the schools. We ask you to share your humanity and make a donation to help supply immediate relief. Any amount you give will make a difference for someone in need.

Our current expenditures for staff, teachers, supplies, rent, snacks, utilities and miscellaneous expenses are currently $1,500 per month for Bibi Sarah School and $3,500 per month for Latifa's Primary School. We compensate our personnel appropriately and as a result have attracted excellent administrators and teachers who are both competent and caring. 


This estimate is based on current class size; however, community interest has been so high, it’s likely that we will need to eventually expand the schools, with your help!

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