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Urgent humanitarian aid

emergency relief for afghanistan


The High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that over a million children in Afghanistan are at great risk of starvation. We are feeding desperately hungry families and will continue to do so until large international organizations such as UNICEF, Save The Children and World Food Organization have the resources and ability to operate in Afghanistan.


 The UNHCR has reported an estimated 667,900 Afghans were newly displaced since January 2021. A severe drought on top of the intense conflict and the country’s economic collapse turned 18.8 million Afghans highly food insecure. The impact on women and children who make up 80 percent of all forcibly displaced peoples within Afghanistan has been particularly heartbreaking.

Shared Humanity USA needs your support in raising critical funds to provide emergency relief such as food, household items, and tents for those who have lost homes and loved ones. We ask you to share your humanity and make a donation to help supply immediate relief. Any amount you give will make a difference for someone in need. 100% of donations go directly to the cause.

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