About us

We Believe

.... in the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

.... in an interconnected world where our actions, and in-actions, can have a lasting impact on ourselves and our fellow human beings.

.... all human beings want to give and receive justice, equality, and compassion.


....distressed communities have the talent, resources, and knowledge to affect positive change and Shared Humanity USA can assist them to remove obstacles to self-determination. 

....the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice...... and love!


Our Mission

To serve people forcibly displaced by war, persecution and economic deprivation.

Our Goal

Shared Humanity USA assists people violently torn from their homes to live in peace and dignity by providing:

  • Urgent and sustained humanitarian aid not provided by other organizations. 

  • Financial support and vocational training programs that assist refugees in Greece to prepare themselves for employment and to build their own businesses.


Our programs

  • We have created The Center for Shared Humanity which is a refugee co-operative in Athens offering daily classes in Greek, English, Computers and music.

  • We link distressed individuals, families and migrant communities with financial resources and volunteer support networks both in and outside the United States.

  • We offer volunteers unique opportunities to partner with members of refugee communities in providing these educational services.

our Team:
Latifa Woodhouse


Colin Woodhouse


Artemis Joukowsky

Vice President

Creative Director

Sarah Woodhouse
Sophia Woodhouse

Board Member

Jessica Woodhouse

Legal Board Advisor

Alexandra Woodhouse

Board Member

Barry Nobel

Board Member

Maryann Sinclair Slutsky

Board Member

Evan Woodhouse

Educational Board Advisor 

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Emily Garland

Publicity Board Advisor

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