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We Are


About Us

Our Mission

  • To serve people forcibly displaced by war, persecution and economic deprivation


Our Goal

  • Shared Humanity assists people violently torn from their homes to live in peace and dignity by providing:

    • Urgent and sustained humanitarian aid not provided by other organizations

    • Quality education and safe havens to orphaned and displaced children of war 

    • Vocational training programs that assist refugees to prepare themselves for employment and to build their own businesses

We believe:

  • In the inherent worth and dignity of every person

  • In an interconnected world where our actions can have a lasting impact on ourselves and our fellow human beings

  • All human beings want to give and receive justice, equality, and compassion

  • Distressed communities have the talent, resources, and knowledge to affect positive change and Shared Humanity USA can assist them to remove obstacles to self-determination

  • The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice 


Our programs

  • Afghanistan Crisis

    • Providing urgent emergency relief including food, water, household items and tents to Afghan refugees

    • Delivering fresh water by drilling wells in communities that lack access to safe drinking water

    • Launching and operating schools for orphaned and displaced children

  • The Center for Shared Humanity: A refugee co-operative in Athens, Greece operated before COVID-19 and offered daily vocational and educational classes for refugees

  • Emergency Relief/Humanitarian Aid: We link distressed individuals, families and migrant communities with financial resources, humanitarian aid, and volunteer support networks both in and outside the United States

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